Find A Good Seat At These Henderson NV Restaurants

With a population of over a quarter million, Henderson, Nevada is no small city. It’s big brother is Vegas, Las Vegas of course, and so there are some grand things to do there. Then you start looking at the restaurants, can you imagine? Since casinos are big in Henderson, too, like they are in Vegas, do you expect one of the tip restaurants to be one of the casino buffets? Let’s take a look!

The top ranked establishment in Henderson NV is a pizzeria, Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana. That restaurant name simply sounds like a place that is going to serve up authentic Italian cuisine. This pizzeria is located on Green Valley Parkway, and it also serves up delicious salads, gelato and pies. It looks like you are staying for dessert.

On the list at #2 is Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ. Now, just seeing that name, doesn’t it make you think you’re about to eat barbecue that beats anything you’ve ever tried? Listen, I come from Texas where they know barbecue and serve it up on butcher paper alongside fresh cut pickles, onions and homemade barbecue sauce. And even I am seeing the restaurant name Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ and thinking it might be the best. After all, it is ranked #2 in all of Henderson. It’s located on Village Walk Drive, and they serve up pulled pork, barbecue chicken, fried pickles and all kinds of great menu items. Don’t forget the ribs, as they are always a favorite.

Studio B Buffet is the #3 ranked restaurant in Henderson, and this is where you get to treat yourself to Japanese cuisine. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, and you get your prime rib, crab legs and food that if you find it on a buffet, you definitely get your money’s worth. Wait, doesn’t that sound a little like the fare you might find at a casino resort buffet? Maybe that’s because it is located at a resort so there you go, it happened.
The Great Greek is the next restaurant on the list. Are you down for some Greek food like the always delicious lamb gyros? There is also The Omelet House, Weiss Restaurant Deli Bakery, Feast Buffet at Green Valley Ranch, The Cracked Egg and much more. Notice another buffet made the list. Are you already headed to have some prime rib? Plenty of Henderson NV restaurants are ready for you and whomever you bring.