Dealing With Your Dirty Tenants – What It Takes?

Dirty tenants often prove to be costly and frustrating for the landlords – obviously, you’ve entrusted your tenants for taking proper care of the property and hope that they’ll keep your rental unit reasonably clean during their tenancy period. If you somehow rented your Simpsonville apartments to dirty tenants, it will result in bringing down the property’s value and, therefore, you must fairly and quickly deal with such tenants.

You must perform different background checks before you rent the apartment. It helps in gaining better understanding about the kind of renter the applicant will prove to be. In case if an applicant had been evicted previously due to poor condition of property where he was living, it should be an alarming sign for you.

Your lease agreement should state that the tenant will be held accountable for housecleaning. Even though you can’t expect the tenant legally to keep the apartment spotless, certain responsibilities are there that should be performed by the renter while living there. These responsibilities can include disposing of the trash of in a hygienic way as well as avoiding things which can attract pests like insects and rodents. Tenants should also be prohibited from destroying or defacing the apartments in Simpsonville sc.

Updated contact information should be left with the new tenants making sure that you’ll be immediately contacted by them if they have any questions or something is broken. In case of a problem, it should be taken care of the soonest it is possible. If the tenants feel that the landlord is easily approachable, it will be likely for them to diligently take care of your property.

Once you have rented your apartments in Simpsonville, you should understand difference between “dirty” and “messy” apartment. A messy home can have clothes lying on floor as well as unwashed dishes lying in the kitchen. On the other hand, in dirty home there can be rotting food which can attract the pests, bottles and trash out on lawn as well as property damages that or a result of negligence or caused intentionally. Even though messy homes can be quite understandable but dirty ones can be a real concern for the landlords.

The lease should have a clause which allows for inspection of property by the landlord. In this way you can be able to inspect the property anytime you want with just a proper prior notice. This will keep the tenant on toes and he won’t be likely to do anything that may be damaging to your apartment’s reputation.

It should also be decided that whether you’ll give a warning to your tenant in case of some lease violation or you will start eviction process right away. If the lease of your rental apartments in Simpsonville is about to end, you can refuse to renew it.